HOCA ceases to serve Vietnam

Yesterday the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) took Vietnam off the list of recognised nation-states.

The decision by the MPR to give Vietnam a natio non grata status came as a result of the nth consecutive piece of news which demonstrates that Vietnam has laws on paper that are not worth the paper on which they are printed.

While the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) was concerned about human rights violations, particularly religious discrimination towards Christians and towards ethnic minorities in remote areas, the MPR was also forced to take Vietnam off its list of recognised nation-states for more practical reasons. If laws on paper are not sufficient to uphold the law at all times in Vietnam, and authorities can arbitrarily follow the law one day, and violate the same law on the next, this means that also diplomas and degrees issued by schools and universities in Vietnam are entirely suspect from a professional perspective.

In support of MPR’s determinination, the Hands of Change Association (HOCA), MPR Member 006024, has also decided it will no longer serve Vietnam. The HOCA representative in Thailand, who has also served Vietnam in the past, has been notified by email to stop her work with Vietnam.

The Hands of Change Association (HOCA), an independent Arizona non-profit corporation, is a secretarial service that serves the interests and needs of the Sovereign Military-religious Order of Teutonic Knights Templars of the Church of Nobles of Present-day Brethren (Germanite Brethren), and this church owns the Royal Institute of the Americas high school and William Cullen Bryant University. HOCA’s decision, therefore, means Vietnamese students will no longer able able to earn General Equivalency diplomas or degrees through the schools owned by the Church of Nobles of Present-day Brethren (Germanite Brethren).

It is significant to note that the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) doesn’t require its members to follow or even acknowledge its decisions, yet yesterday’s MPR decision to stop recognising Vietnam, and the justification provided for this determination, were sufficient for the Hands of Change Association (HOCA) to also cease serving Vietnam.


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