Convention of Fourth and Fifth World Nations

In November 2006, Greenwood Press published Declarations of Independence: Encyclopedia of American Autonomous and Secessionist Movements. In September 2006, Lonely Planet Publications published Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations. The are too many books out there about the Fourth and Fifth World written by authors living solely in the Official World (First, Second, and Third World).

In August 2003, the 7th Amorph! — whatever that is — performance art biennale hosted a first Summit of Micronations in Helsinki. The Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of Elgaland & Vargaland (KREV), the Transnational Republic (TR) and State of Sabotage (SoS) joined the summit. The organisation that sponsored or co-sponsored the event — — followed-up in 2006 with a M8 Summit, a “fictional summit of micronations” in Singapore. Get it? A fictional summit of nations that are normally viewed as fictional by the mass media! Later that year, they organised an exhibition at the MOCA in Taipei which was supposed to encourage the Taiwanese government and people to start relations with a Group of Ten micronations, and this description, from the aforementioned self-defined “advocacy group”, was little more than hoopla for the launching of the exhibition, which probably had little if anything to do with micronations or micronationalism. Now the same organisation aims to organise a second Summit of Micronations for 2013 in Brioni, Croatia. It seems that not only authors and publishers are making a good living with Fourth and Fifth World nation themes, but also some non-profit art groups that are hardly the alternative national/micronational “advocacy groups” they claim to be.

The Micronational Professional Registry, a true Fourth and Fifth World organisation, would like organise with member nations and non-member nations a true Convention of Fourth and Fifth World Nations.

Fourth World nations are larger nations without recognised states, usually secessionist movements, but not always.

Fifth World nations are mature micronations without recognised states.

Is your nation or micronation interested? Are you interested in participating for your nation or micronation?

The event will probably be organised for some time in 2010, and somewhere in North America. I would not outright exclude organising the first Convention of Fourth and World World Nations in a large metropolitan area like New York or Washington.

If you are at least interested, please contact the “Micronational Professional Registry” at the page below. Thank you for your support.


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