World first officially-registered salubriology student

This is an historical note, a note for the interest of posterity, or a note to whomever it may concern.

Just as on 8 August 2006 I founded the now growing field of Cesidian law, on 20 April 2008 I founded the field of Cesidian Healing.

On 11 February 2009, the term Cesidian Healing was replaced with the term Cesidian Salubriology, and this is what the new field is now called. On this date the website was also launched, which is all about the developing field of Cesidian Salubriology, and the website is also semi-officially the ‘Salubriology School’ of Saint René Descartes University. Cesidian Salubriology is “the science or study of that which is conducive or favorable to health or well-being belonging to Cesidio Tallini”.

Saint René Descartes University, a seminary college of the Cesidian Church (a legally-chartered church), and a university accredited by the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA), doesn’t have a Medical School, since the practice of conventional or allopathic medicine has no formal legality in the Fifth World, but it does have a Salubriology School. Saint René Descartes University also has an Alternative Law School, the Centre for Cesidian Law.

I have just registered with the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) as the first Student of Cesidian Salubriology ever, as well as Saint René Descartes University‘s first formally matriculated student.

My credentials or licences, prior to becoming a Student of Cesidian Salubriology, were as follows:

  1. Developer of Cesidian calendar
  2. Developer of Bucksfanian astrology
  3. Father of Cesidian law (jus cerebri electronici)
  4. Father of Cesidian Salubriology
  5. Certified Professional Chaplain Licence, The Love Church Worldwide
  6. Ecclesiastical Counselor Clinical Licence of Authorization, Church of Nobles of Present-Day Brethren (CNPDB)

The 14 Commandments lead, one day, to a new field of law, Cesidian law. The Cesidian calendar lead, one day, to a brand new kind of astrology, Bucksfanian astrology. The combination of Cesidian law and Bucksfanian astrology, along with Hinduist Chakra Models, lead to the beginnings of a new field of health, which today is called Cesidian Salubriology. I am also a licenced Certified Professional Chaplain (CPC), and a licenced Ecclesiastical Counselor.

My diplomas, certificates, and degrees earned before becoming a Student of Cesidian Salubriology, were as follows:

  1. Diploma in Astrology/Parapsychology, Stratford Career Institute
  2. Chaplaincy Certification, Saint James College
  3. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Phoenix
  4. Bachelor of Science in Contemplative Psychology, William Cullen Bryant University

Stratford Career Institute is an innovative leader in the field of distance education, and it provides instruction in many vocational fields without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, veteran status, or national or ethnic origin.

Saint James College is a non-denominational, interfaith institution of higher education, and is accredited by the Association of Accredited Bible Schools.

The University of Phoenix is the largest institution of higher learning in the US, serving approximately 300,000 students through its more than 250 campuses and learning centers across the country. Its innovative teaching and learning model has been widely recognised by such organisations as the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business and the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation. The University of Phoenix is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission as a member of the North Central Association, one of six US regional accrediting bodies considered to be the gold standard of accreditation.

William Cullen Bryant University is in good standing with the Arizona Secretary of State Corporation Commission. It also has full recognition by the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), and enjoys external accreditation through the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

I thus became a Student of Cesidian Salubriology after gaining degrees, diplomas, and certificates accredited by the Association of Accredited Bible Schools, The Higher Learning Commission, and the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

My memberships or affiliations, prior to becoming a Student of Cesidian Salubriology, were as follows:

  1. Saint René Descartes University
  2. The Love Church Worldwide
  3. Cesidian Church
  4. Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO)
  5. Wilderness Medical Society

I am now a Student of Cesidian Salubriology at Saint René Descartes University, but I am also the Chancellor of this institution of higher learning. Saint René Descartes University is a seminary college of the Cesidian Church (a legally-chartered church), and a university accredited by the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

The Love Church is a community of positive people dedicated to bringing a spiritual life to those seeking a Love-based denominational church home. It is grounded in love; unafraid of examining its beliefs; Christian; non-patriarchal, open and affirming. Saint James College is the college of The Love Church.

The Cesidian Church is an institution established in 1998 by the founder of Cesidianism (myself). On 17 April 2007, I also became the real Bishop of the Cesidian Church through an independent Church Charter granted by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, a non-denominational church. Cesidianism is a political, economic, and religious philosophy. On 13 December 2007, the Cesidian Church consecrated Saint René Descartes as the First Saint of the Cesidian Church.

The Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) is an alternative health organisation. It provides Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlders with up-to-date information on real professionals operating within the Official World in various capacities, but who also hold authentic Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth World citizenship. It recognises the Herbalists’ Charter, which was granted by King Henry VIII in 1512. It also recognises all real health professionals 21 and older, and does not otherwise discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, micronational allegiance, sexual orientation, family composition or type, religion, disability, or veteran status. The Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) recognises all drugless, surgery-free, and noninvasive naturopathic modalities without prejudice.

The Wilderness Medical Society is the premier international organisation for professionals interested in the application of medicine in austere environments. Since 1983, when three young physicians conceived the idea for the Wilderness Medical Society, areas of interest that have become pillars of the curriculum for wilderness medicine education include CME programs, medical school rotations, outdoor programs and FAWM criteria.

Since I am both Student and Chancellor of Saint René Descartes University, my program of study in the novel field of Cesidian Salubriology shall be both autodidactic and ad hoc in nature. I shall not bother even with non-traditional or distance education in order to acquire the knowledge I need, since no programs in Cesidian Salubriology are available at any school.

Also, other natural health-related programs would needlessly waste a lot of time, money, disrupt my current lifestyle and obligations, and in all likelihood would provide no more legally-recognised health education than I am capable of studying and developing by my own initiative, intelligence, and talent. There are many accredited programs out there in naturopathic modalities, but either these programs are not meant for working adults, or the programs enjoy accreditation from bodies that are no more recognised than the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

Moreover, I have also begun to question the value of non-traditional degrees, even when the school is accredited by one of the six US regional accrediting bodies. Not only is education in this format still too expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient for adult learners without rich parents, but there is no guarantee of employment even after one has graduated. Some businesses will not accept, or will refuse to reimburse employees for, courses taken at a university which possesses the “gold standard of accreditation”, unless the school has also gained accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In other cases, graduate credits earned at a non-AACSB school will not transfer to a AACSB-accredited school. It seems that the accreditation process, originally started for the legitimate purpose of ensuring higher education quality, is now only another business designed to ensure that only rich kids will get ahead in life, even without other particular merit, while students from poorer homes will have to struggle twice as much, often without getting anywhere. This was the case even before the American and French revolutions, by the way. So much for the supposed egalitarian values of many UN-recognised governments!

So in conclusion, I shall avail myself of the many books about health in the informal Cesidian Library, and I will purchase many more as I deem necessary. I will also gain my old and new knowledge independently of any school, traditional or non-traditional. I have established a functional and legitimate measure of academic credit evaluation for this independent course of study, which will ultimately yield a real Salubriology Doctor (SD) degree issued by Saint René Descartes University. Thus, I am now a SD candidate. I also intend to have that doctorial degree, any associated training, and the field of study of Cesidian Salubriology itself, recognised by the highest suitable authorities in the future, including the authority of my own governments of Independent Long Island (ILI) and the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).

Any person(s) and/or educational institution(s) that wish to assist me with this novel academic development and research, or that wish to jump-start the accreditation/recognition process for the novel and promising field of Cesidian Salubriology, may contact me through my personal website.

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