Fourth/Fifth World quote of the month

Fourth/Fifth World quote of the month:

“You can rationalise your anti-ILI and/or anti-Fourth World prejudice, but that doesn’t make it look any more Cesidian or rational.”

— HMRD Cesidio Tallini

Most people think the Fourth and Fifth Worlds are not part of the ‘real’ or Official World, but if that were true, there would only exist white verses black prejudice (which is mainly First World verses Third World prejudice), when in fact also anti-Fourth World prejudice of Fifth Worlders exists, as well as anti-Fifth World prejudice of Fourth Worlders (I’ve seen the irrational prejudice from both sides of the fence), and you are already aware of the Official World prejudice towards the unofficial or non-official worlds (Fourth or Fifth Worlds), right?

Also, who is to say that something proper or legitimate can only be defined as ‘Kosher’, when it actually makes more sense to define it Cesidian? In fact, ‘Kosher’ is a purely ceremonial kind of legitimacy (and entirely religious), while something Cesidian can be nothing but legitimate! — for legal reasons, not religious, as there is something very rational called Cesidian law.

No, in truth the Fourth and Fifth Worlds are a part of the ‘real world’, and the best alternative nationalist or micronationalist cultures actually transcend all labels, and all worlds.


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