More candidates than people

Morterone, in the province of Lecco, is the smallest municipality of Italy, the village with the smallest number of residents of any city: 33 souls, according the latest update of their website.

The village is so small it doesn’t have an elementary school, it doesn’t have a pharmacy, it doesn’t even have a pub.

“Don’t ask us what the village lacks.” — Giada’s father tells us. “It is quicker for me to say what we have: we have nothing.” The town is so small that its cemetery is as large as a courtyard.

But the funniest thing is that there, on 6-7 June 2009, three voting lists will compete with each other representing altogether 34 candidates, mayors included, and this with respect to the 32 persons in the village actually having a right to vote.

What do people have against micronations, when you really think about it? At least in micronations the supply of political candidates does not exceed the demand!


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