World’s first Progressive degree awarded by Bryant University

A student graduated on 5 December 2009 from Bryant University. After graduating, he was out of touch for three months.

When he contacted Bryant University again, the Bryant University alumni asked to be awarded a Diplomate’s Degree (DD) in Criminal Justice. As Dr Joe Warner has stated, he could have simply accepted a regular Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice, but choose a new alternative Progressive degree instead.

Well, I have some incredible news. The Mexican state police officer who was awarded the DD in Criminal Justice is the world’s very first student to receive a Progressive degree!

The basic ideas behind the new Progressive degrees had been proposed by the HMRD Cesidio Tallini in a 15 November 2009 article, “A radically new academic proposal“. Ideas like this usually remain on the drawing board, yet Bryant University began to offer Progressive degrees — the Diplomate’s Degree (DD), Professional’s Degree (PD), and Scholar’s Degree (SD) — as early as 24 December 2009. Well, on 15 March 2010 I heard that the first Diplomate’s Degree (DD) had been awarded by Bryant University! It took a mere four months to change the world!!

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