MPR creates 3 new entities

The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) created three new legal entities today:

The Department of Diplomatic Affairs is as sophisticated as any micronation’s similar ministry, and yet the MPR is not even a governmental organisation! In addition to that, the Department of History and of Vital Statistics have practically no equivalent in most micronations.

The three new legal entities, like the MPR itself, have been incorporated in Cyberterra, the capital of the UMMOA. Cyberterra also incorporates the Cesidian Church, Saint René Descartes University and its law and health schools, but it also incorporates an intermicronational organisation, the Single Union. For information about incorporating organisations in Cyberterra, contact the city at the URL below:

You can also incorporate real buildings in the UMMOA through the Fifth World Community. For information about incorporating real buildings or districts in the Fifth World Community, contact the diaxenospitia at the URL below:



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