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I am not a doctor; I am just a scholar!

The basic ideas had been proposed by the HMRD Cesidio Tallini in a recent article, “A radically new academic proposal“.

Ideas like this usually remain on the drawing board, however, and either become ‘castles in the air’, or if they make any headway at all into the so-called real world, it is usually only after great violence, revolution, or bloodshed.

Well, this time around, the Educational Revolution was so timely, that it has almost instantly become reality!

Bryant University has introduced what it calls Progressive degrees, to open up doors that were once completely or partially shut. Now you can practice the profession of both your heart, and mind, it won’t cost you your father’s estate to get a true education in the field, and once you graduate, you don’t have to ask permission from your local tyrant in order to work! The permit the local tyrant usually asks for is called a licence, and the way things are going, soon you will need a licence even to breath if nations continue down the current illiberal precipice.

Thanks to Progressive degrees, now you can actually earn the highest health degree possible, the highest law degree possible, the Scholar’s Degree or SD, and once you’ve earned your degree, you won’t have to ask permission from the local tyrant to work! Oh yes, working opportunities will initially be few and far between, as new things are adopted slowly in society, but nobody will be able to say you are undereducated, underqualified, or that you need to ‘doctor’ your degree! Get it?!

Tell everybody that you don’t need to ‘doctor’ your degree, because you are not a doctor! Tell everybody you are a Certified Scholar in your field, if you’ve earned a Scholar’s Degree (SD), and if they don’t understand that, then refuse to serve them! They are not worthy of your services!

After all, you are not a doctor! Nobody can buy you, or corrupt you. Nobody can corrupt your profession, your field, your science, or even the basic integrity your mother gave you with government-printed currency, so phony today that it is no longer backed with gold, and actually, it isn’t even backed with a true semblance of democracy, and in fact, it is entirely backed with debt!

The Kingdom of Righteousness is not coming, people. The Kingdom of Righteousness (Isaiah 32:1-8) is here! No longer will the fool be called noble, nor will the scoundrel be highly respected! If your Lord gives you a stern look on Judgement Day, have no fear. Tell him: “Sir, have mercy of me. I am not a doctor; I am just a scholar”.

For more information about the new Progressive degrees, please visit the URL below:


If your institution wishes to make a similar transition, even in non-exclusive fashion to Progressive degrees, please contact the HMRD Cesidio Tallini at the contact form below:



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