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His Excellency Yaroslav Mar

Folks, hard work, persistence, and decency pay. Nobody knows that better than His Excellency Yaroslav Mar (Russian: Ярослáв Мáр), one of two Captain Regents of the Republic of Lostisland.

In the real world it is often the most money-hungry and devious that get ahead, but not in the Fifth World, where good values never go out of fashion.

Yaroslav has just become the only Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) member of the ‘Under 21’ class.

He’s a promising 16-year-old student, and a talented violinist who has participated in several musical contests and festivals, and even gained diplomas to show for it.

But in Siberia extra talent is never despised with its long and cold winters, the rugged people have to make do with little or nothing, so Yaroslav also happens to be a gifted translator, who has translated three small books to Russian: Stranger than Fiction: Urban Myths from English, and Una historia de montaña and El reloj más rápido del mundo from Spanish. Unfortunately these translations are still unpublished in Russian, but perhaps we can help Yaroslav in that direction in the future as well.

Yaroslav is also the Co-Founder of the National University of the Republic of Lostisland; Editor-in-Chief & Founder of the English- and Russian-language Herald; and he has lead in organising the Intermicro ’11 World Summit, the first intermicronational virtual gathering of Russophone micronations ever.

But it gets better, because His Excellency Yaroslav Mar has also managed to make the Republic of Lostisland a Member Nation of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR)!

In fact, we are even seriously considering to grant the Republic of Lostisland membership in the UMMOA Community of Nations in the future, and we usually don’t consider nations lead by teens under 21 in that category!


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Italy’s President in denial of the rights of indigenous peoples

The Hon. Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy, has no intention of give away a centimetre on the issue of secession.

The message to the Northern League (Lega Nord) is one of those that does not allow a reply: “As part of the (Italian) Constitution and laws, there is no room for a democratic path to secession”.

Speaking at the Law School of the University of Naples, the President stressed that “there is no Padanian People”. You can read the words for yourself in large characters in the first page of the newspaper La Stampa — “Non c’è un popolo padano”:

The Hon. Roberto Calderoli, Minister of Legislative Simplification, responded this way to the rights-denying President: “Peoples are not just those who already have a State with defined borders, but there are many other (Peoples) who are pushing for their rights to be recognised”.

In the newspaper of the Northern League La Padania, you can read his basic answer to the rights of indigenous peoples-denying President as “I exist, and I am Padanian”, or “Io Esisto e Sono Padano”:

By the way, this President is also the same person who essentially denies the legal validity of the Ummoagian “Declaration in lieu of Certification of Citizenship“, which was sent to him via Express Mail International in December 2010, and which is valid under Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Montevideo Convention (Article 3), Italian law (Decree of the President of the Republic of 28 December 2000, No. 445, or D.P.R. n. 445/2000), and UMMOA law (Statutory and Common law evidence of citizenship).

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Hungary becomes second Fifth World sovereign state

On 23 July 2010 the Micronational Professional Registry has officially declared Hungary “the world’s second Fifth World sovereign state”, and makes Hungary the 24th recognised sovereign state:


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The MPR’s sincere admiration and gratitude

The following letter was successfully transmitted via fax on 12 June 2011, at 05:46:55 Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT), to the Embassy of Peru in Washington, DC.

The MPR’s sincere admiration and gratitude

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A quantum micronational leap

In the beginning the Gods created the micronations and the micronational community.

For some time there was neither a real micronation (think of Nutopia), nor a real micronational community (think of the Conch Republic’s Fifth World community, where they are the only Fifth World country), but eventually a few micronations evolved, and even several, not one, micronational communities.

Eventually some micronations distinguised themselves from others. Sealand became the territorial micronation par excellence; the UMMOA started a real Internet, and then even managed to expand it to three continents; the Principality of Vikesland literally went into orbit; Wirtland had the good sense to make real money, a lot more real than the money of the so-called ‘real’ world, and issued a gold coin; and the Empire of Atlantium even got mentioned by a news agency, just as only macronations like Vermont and Texas had managed to do in the past.

Despite all these developments, however, the Wikipedia kept calling micronations ‘eccentric’ and ‘ephemeral’ in nature, while secession and self-determination movements were treated as more tangible, since allegedly maintained by groups larger than a single person or family group.

Making matters even more discouraging, while some micronations really went forward, and in many different ways, micronational organisations were much ado about nothing.

Well, on 26 May 2011, that feature of micronationalism became part of the definitive past. On that date, even a micronational organisation went seriously forward, when a prince joined the Micronational Professional Registry.

What kind of prince are we mentioning here? A real prince. In fact, this prince was made a prince by H.R.H. Don Francesco Nicola Roberto Paternò Castello of the Royal House of Aragon, carrier of the house’s dynastic rights as jus majestatis and jus honorum.

Since that development, the Wikipedia’s article has become about as descriptive of micronationalism, as much as Saudi Arabia is a model of democracy. Even smart and perceptive micronationalists can no longer recognise micronationalism, because it seems to be materialising into something a lot greater than even the most incurable optimist could have foreseen.

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MPR creates 3 new entities

The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) created three new legal entities today:

The Department of Diplomatic Affairs is as sophisticated as any micronation’s similar ministry, and yet the MPR is not even a governmental organisation! In addition to that, the Department of History and of Vital Statistics have practically no equivalent in most micronations.

The three new legal entities, like the MPR itself, have been incorporated in Cyberterra, the capital of the UMMOA. Cyberterra also incorporates the Cesidian Church, Saint René Descartes University and its law and health schools, but it also incorporates an intermicronational organisation, the Single Union. For information about incorporating organisations in Cyberterra, contact the city at the URL below:

You can also incorporate real buildings in the UMMOA through the Fifth World Community. For information about incorporating real buildings or districts in the Fifth World Community, contact the diaxenospitia at the URL below:


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Has the age of micro mergers begun?

As of December 2010, the Nation of Amandium, now a member of both the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) and the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), had a Population of 435. Oh yes, Amandium is certainly material for a future new top-level domain (TLD) in the Cesidian Root!

Well, recently the population exploded, and is now 715…

How did this happen? Well, the Royal Kingdom of Eesha, an agrarian micronation in India, was incorporated into Amandium.

HRH Lord Sir Rajasethuramavarna will maintain suzerainty over his subjects, and will be treated with equal standing compared with other Royal dignitaries in the other incorporated entities of Amandium, and HRH Amando I gets a micronation on steroids in population growth terms!

Has the age of micronational mergers begun? Is a new, more positive, less self-important form of micronationalism beginning to form? Well, one can only hope. A little more cooperation, a little more work together on common goals, certainly does help the micronational cause, and will make us all stronger and less dependent on the powers that be in the end.

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